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When I took my third semester of drawing, we were able to use pastels. I remember these pears were being difficult, and so was the pastel paper ... it was full of pastel and wouldn't take anymore pigment. I had to scrape some off and then could finish the painting. I loved using color, and the pastels were buttery and rich. I was in love with them.

This is my first painting in Beginning Painting class. We set up a still life (using a stuffed animal) and painted it. It was really scary to put the first oil paint on the canvas. But, once placed, daub-by-daub the rest was done almost as if by itself.

One semester, I took a digital art class from John Fehringer (his web site here).
This image was done with the help of Photoshop. I learned a little about that program during this class and we were required to begin our own art blog.

This is mine:

Teri's Art Blog

These are paintings done in Painting class taught by Jane Terzis. The top one is from a photo of Cape Perpetua on the Oregon Coast.

The next painting is also from a photo of an area near Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. It is titled Klondike Autumn.

Plein air painting. There is a local group who go out each Saturday all year to paint, and they are called the Plein Rein Painters.

This painting, Sentinel Tree at Eagle Beach, was done en plein air on a beautiful June day.

This fall semester, 2010, I took Painting again and this is one of my first paintings, a small 10 x 8" study titled Crimson Clover. I like how the sky turned out. This was painted on Wallis sandpaper.