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In 2006 I worked at a small art studio that held classes for children. I was inspired by all the bright colors and   cheerful atmosphere.


I was given an assignment to play around with focal point and depth of field.I have spent lots of time walking at Sandy Beach and I felt there were so many perfect examples of just that.

While on my study abroad program in New Zealand I was able to view some amazing sites & have the opportunity to take some amazing photos. Unfortunately during the first few months of my stay there, I had my camera stolen. As heartbreaking as it was, I bought a replacement and kept plugging along. In the end my camera was not that great, but I was still able to get some amazing shots. This one is one of my favorites., because of the vivid colors. I haven't done anything to this one either, it is still in it's raw form.

All of the work on these tables were waiting to be loaded into the woodfire kiln. The entire process lasts all weekend and  is very labor intensive, but in the end it is all worth it.


I was able to capture this special moment with my cat while he was enjoying his outdoor adventures. I haven't enhanced this in any way. Though this is taken on a digital camera it is in it's raw form.

 In the last year I have taken Beginning and Intermediate Drawing. These are some of my pieces from the beg. class. I have had a blast learning how to draw. As far as 2D art goes I was used to photography, so it has been a fun and challenging road to learn how to draw. I have been able to see a lot of improvement on my skills as well as my confidence in my drawing abilities.

Here are few excerpts from my final assignment in English 311. The groups were formed by field of study. The art students chose to create a collective blog to accompany our individual papers...

“Change and growth take place when a person has risked himself and dares to become involved with experimenting with his own life.” -Herbert A. Otto

As an artist I find change inspiring and challenging. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines change as “a: to make different in some particular b: to make radically different c: to give a different position, course, or direction to d: to replace with another  e: to make a shift from one to another”(Merriam-Webster) I’ve known since I was a young girl that I love art. I love to create. Like most little kids I wanted it all. I wanted to be an artist, a firefighter, a veterinarian, a teacher and a famous rockstar. As an adult the only difference, is that I want more...

..If I had had a little more guidance from the beginning I might have been able to steer myself in the right direction sooner. Instead, I have spent a lot of my time floundering. I have never felt a connection between the art students from different mediums. The ceramics students don’t necessarily mingle with the painting students and the printmaking students rarely enter the ceramics studio, it is rare to see students from one field mingle freely with others. That shouldn’t be. We would all benefit from having an art blog dedicated to connecting the UAS art students with the art world, directly and indirectly. A blog opens doors to a world where students can share their work, post upcoming events, read about the faculty and so much more. If we have one central location where all art information can be found, then we can reach out to all artists.
This blog will help new coming freshmen as well as students that are closer to graduating. We owe it to ourselves to take this opportunity to expand our knowledge and love of art. That’s what school is all about right? Over the last two decades Photography has made its way into the digital era. Now, UAS art students can do the same. With this art blog we are allowing ourselves a shot at making a name for ourselves, first as students, then as artists.