Monday, December 13, 2010

24th Annual McNeese National WORKS on PAPER EXHIBITION

This a great opportunity for any artist to enter their work into a Juried Art show. If you are interested, the Deadline is February 18th. For more information or to enter online, click HERE!


UAS Art Student Puts Out Comic!

UAS art student, Kate Laster puts out a "cute comic for all your morbid friends."  Deadcat.  Check it out on facebook!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

What kind of music encourages you to make art?

Music, audible art, is a powerful motivator for bodily actions. (Think painting, drawing, exercising, performing...) What do you listen to when creating?
If you need ideas, go HERE for a great place to find new music to inspire.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Interesting Art Blogs

During the research we did for our own blog, we ran across a few interesting art-related blogs that are worth taking a look at.

An art student's blog:

Photography blog:

Blog about photo blogs:

Chicago art blog:

University of Southern Miss Art blog:

Sculpture blog:

Blog about diverse and unique art:

Artist's painting blog:

Do you feel the UAS Art Department could benefit from a student art blog? Why?

Please comment with your answer! 

Jane Terzis,  Chair of the Department of Arts and Humanities, and Associate Professor of Art at UAS, responds: This artblog would be the first of its kind for UAS Art students. It's already a user-friendly site with hot links to exhibition information, art opportunities, BA in Art degree requirements and student artwork. This could develop into a forum, showcase, information on artists living in the real world and a chat room for UAS art students in Southeast Alaska, expanding out to the rest of the state and beyond. Great idea and the timing is perfect.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Photos from UAS Student Art show @ Gallery Walk

Did you attend the biggest first Friday of the year? The UAS Art Department Student Exhibition was phenomenal! There were two galleries in the Baranof Hotel with tons of people viewing student's work in painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture and NW Coast carved items.
Check out the photos HERE!

Capital City Weekly Article

 Although this is a slightly dated article, it's still relevant.  The article talks about UAS B.A. Art Degree and how the program is growing.  Check it out!

Article on the Art Department 2009

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting that Piece of Paper

Art students can tend to be “free spirits” at times.  In order to help organize your class schedule, we added the link to the B.A. Art Degree requirements for UAS.  If you haven’t signed up for Spring Semester, get on it.  This link might help you figure out what to take next.  Also on your UA Online you can get a fast degree audit to tell you where you’re at in your requirements.

Gallery Walk 2010

Here is the link to the Juneau Empire’s rundown on this years Gallery Walk.  It was a huge success.  The All Student Exhibition for UAS was displayed at the Baranof Hotel.  There was a large sampling of work from students in all different art classes and levels in their programs.  If you didn’t get out on Friday, you should definitely  make time to go check out show’s that are still up.  UAS student, Miss Linda Miller has a solo show of paintings up at the Silverbow Back Room.  Check it out!
Seasons Greetings!